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David Stellpflug, RICP®

President, CEO

Lois Stellpflug

Office Manager, Co-Owner

Patrick Poeschel

Tax Planning Specialist, Investment Advisor Representative

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David Stellpflug, RICP®



Approaching retirement requires careful investment decisions. Post-retirement, managing 401(k), Social Security timing, taxes, Medicare, and legacy planning become critical. In my 30 years in finance, I've seen a gap in advice, especially regarding Social Security.

Key considerations:

  • Delaying Social Security until age 70 yields a 76% increase in monthly benefits for life.
  • Filing early increases poverty risk, especially for women.

Life expectancy and health uncertainties are retirement challenges. As a certified retirement income specialist, I provide fiduciary care, guiding transitions beyond investments to cover Medicare, long-term care, and Social Security.

With personal understanding and empathy, I aim to ensure informed financial decisions for a secure retirement. As Family Financial's president, I specialize in retirement and legacy planning for Chippewa Valley residents, offering solutions for long-lasting financial security.

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Lois Stellpflug


Office Manager & Co-Owner

Since 1986 Lois has been working in the financial services industry where her attention to detail and genuine regard for paperwork has made her an indispensable office manager. From answering the phones to filling out the paperwork, Lois ensures that things are done right and completed on time. She keeps client files updated and stored electronically, has mastered QuickBooks for the financial record keeping and tax planning of the firm, and takes pride in her ability to keep the business safe and compliant. As a licensed health and life insurance professional, Lois co-founded Family Financial in 2004 and regularly attends conferences with her husband and co-owner Dave Stellpflug to stay current with the industry’s ever-changing rules.

Most of all, Lois enjoys getting to know the clients. As part of the firm’s mission to always do the best they can for the clients they serve, she sees to it that everyone is made to feel welcome and treated like a member of the family.

Before becoming the office manager for Family Financial, Lois served as an office manager for another family business, working alongside her dad and brothers. As a mother to four kids and grandmother to eleven precious grandchildren, she and her husband are members of the St. James the Greater Parish in Eau Claire. When not in the office or helping with the grandkids, Lois can be found camping in her RV or fishing and relaxing on the lake.

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Patrick Poeschel


Tax Planning Specialist and Investment Advisor Representative

Pat, a licensed investment adviser representative with over 30 years of tax experience, specializes in helping individuals, families, and business owners in Chippewa Valley optimize their finances. His expertise lies in comprehensive wealth management and tax-efficient retirement planning. Pat's approach involves reviewing assets, addressing Social Security taxation, and exploring options like Roth IRA conversions. As the tax specialist at Family Financial, he goes beyond tax filing, educating clients year-round to enhance their financial standing. As the owner of Poeschel Accounting, Pat assists small business owners and farmers during tax season, emphasizing effective tax planning. Partnering with Family Financial in 2018, he oversees client funds with a fiduciary responsibility, leveraging his extensive tax knowledge to address the top concern of retirement planning: avoiding running out of money. Pat, a Mondovi native, is married to Erin, and they have one daughter and two sons. The oldest son, Jake, and his spouse, Jenna, collaborate with Pat and Erin on a poultry farm. When not working, Pat enjoys hunting deer and elk out west.

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